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Can I buy Rolle TV even if I don't have access to satellite services? Since Rolle TV streams programs to your TV via the Internet, no satellite dish is required. Additionally, you must have a broadband internet connection of at least a minimum download speed of 100 Mbps and 35-40Mbps upload speed to qualify.

Can I use my subscription on multiple devices? Please note that a single subscription can be used on the device it's assigned to.

Can I use Rolle TV if I live in an apartment? Yes, Rolle TV is ideal for people living in an apartment! Rolle TV works well anywhere with high-speed internet, including apartment buildings or high-rise buildings. Often traveling? Take Rolle TV and watch your favorite shows on the go or at your destination.

I can't watch any channels, what should I do? Please contact our technical support

Does my Renewal subscription start right after payment? The subscription starts from the moment you receive your activation credentials in your email.

How do I connect my Fire Stick to my wifi? On the homepage of the Fire Stick. Navigate to Settings (cog wheel). A category of boxes will show Network. Select Network. A list of wifi names will appear. If your wifi name is not displayed, select "see all networks." The Fire Stick will then refresh the wifi list.

How do I check my internet speed and quality? Please use the speed test server below to test your internet connection. Do this several times a day. This will give you a good idea of the overall internet speed available to you. A minimum download speed of 100 Mbps and 35-40 Mbps upload speed is the requirement. or you can use your internet service provider speedtest.

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